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    Antibacterial Foam Soap RP7135-00

    Antibacterial Foam Soap RP7135-00

    This Antibacterial Foam Soap cleanses and sanitizes with its thick, rich, and foamy essence that smells great and feels pleasant on your skin. Its main active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride, is...
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    Was: $45.00
    Now: $29.95
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  • Impress Lever Roll Towel Dispenser

    Impress Lever Roll Towel Dispenser

    This unit offers optional “lever stops” to reduce sheet length, and a stub roll feature to minimize paper waste. It fits into compact spaces and is up to 25% smaller than other dispensers.
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    MJP Pink Lotion Handsoap Pink Lotion Hand Soap

    Pink Lotion Hand Soap

    Enjoy the pleasant scent and feeling of clean hands without drying out your skin when you use this Pink Lotion Hand Soap from Morgan Janitorial Products. This economical soap is perfect for any...
    Was: $13.00
    Now: $11.00
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  • Sani Suds Floor Stand

    Sani Suds Floor Stand

    A sturdy, 48″ tall, metal stand with a wide base for added stability. Great for use in public settings, like airport terminals or medical reception areas.
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  • Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

    Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

    Prevent waste and spreading germs with our Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers. Designed to hold half-fold toilet seat covers and a seamless way to cover public toilet seats that all your restroom guests...
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  • Two-Roll Standard Tissue Dispenser

    Two-Roll Standard Tissue Dispenser

    The Two Roll Standard Tissue Dispenser with a plastic back is easy to use and install. The dispenser uses standard toilet tissue paper up to 5″ in diameter with a 1-1/2″ core. Access to...
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